Technical Forum at Hurstville Club

Our Technical Group meets from 10:00 till 12:00 every Monday except during school holidays.
Visitors are always welcome.

How does that work?

For any Club member with an interest in the technical aspects of computers - what the insides look like, what the various bits do - and to acquire a general idea of how computers work - the Monday Technical Class would be a good starting point.

After a few weeks of just listening at the hour long "Question and Answer" session - where members discuss not only problems they have encountered but any aspects of computer technology - new members should readily acquire a basic knowledge of computer hardware and terminology.

Technical group members
Some of our technical enthusiastics

After the Q&A session and a welcome cup of coffee any member is encouraged to conduct a short presentation, by projector if appropriate, of technical matters of interest in which they may have some expertise, such as maintenance of anti virus and spyware programs, CD and DVD burning, hard disk partitioning, hard disk imaging, etc.

At present the average attendance at the morning class is ten to fifteen members and this makes it easy for "first timers to lose themselves" before gaining the confidence to join in the discussions.

After the lunch break, the more enthusiastic members stay on to attend to general computer maintenance and to carry out any hardware or software changes which may be necessary for the efficient running of the computers.

Classes commence at 10.00am and are now held in the clubroom in the Hurstville Senior Citizens Centre, 91 Queens Road, Hurstville.

Classes are informal, the members have a common interest in computers, and therefore relate easily to each other.

Is there is a better way to spend a Monday??